Child art therapy is often confused with play therapy and for many good reasons play therapists introduce various art based activities in.

Art therapy is a blended field of therapeutic practice that combines art and psychology utilizing the creative process artistic techniques and external artwork to support individuals to develop self awareness explore emotions and address unresolved conflict or.

In studies of adults who experienced trauma art therapy was found to significantly reduce trauma symptoms and decrease levels of depression one review of the effectiveness of art therapy found that this technique helped patients undergoing medical treatment for cancer improve their quality of life and alleviated a variety of psychological symptoms.

Art therapy or activity groups with a maximum of six participants per group for the art therapy groups a group interactive psychodynamic approach was employed one hour each week for 40 successive weeks six assessment points at baseline ten 20 and 40 weeks into group work with one and three months follow up.

Art music and play therapy can provide effective support when used in person cons of in person therapy cost rates typically do not differ much between in person and virtual therapy so there is no cost advantage to either format traditional in person therapy can average 100 per session.

The phrase art therapist is reserved for those who have completed an art therapy specific graduate level training rather than a traditional clinically focused psychology program when traditionally trained therapists counselors and psychologists use art and art making as part of treatment it is referred to as ldquo expressive arts therapy.