Product backlog refinement mdash sometimes called product backlog grooming in reference to keeping the backlog clean and orderly mdash is a meeting that is held near the end of one sprint to ensure the backlog is ready for the next sprint during a product backlog refinement meeting the team and product owner discuss the top items on the product backlog.

Product backlog refinement is the act of adding detail estimates and order to items in the product backlog although the explanation is limited it becomes clear that product backlog refinement is a summary of all activities that relate to product backlog items for this reason product backlog refinement is not a time boxed scrum event.

The goal of product backlog refinement is to work with the scrum team and stakeholders when relevant to get product backlog items in a lsquo ready state rsquo what does this mean this basically means that the development team has the idea that an item is.

During product backlog refinement items are reviewed and revised the scrum team decides how and when refinement is done mdash scrum guide 2017 though some people treat product backlog refinement as one of the scrum events technically it is not one of the 4 events however product backlog refinement is often accomplished with a regular meeting.

Lets talk about the backlog refinement process once known as backlog grooming you might know the pareto principle and the philosophy of doing 80 of the work with 20 effort it sounds wonderful right on the other hand refining a product backlog updating backlog items and estimates might seem like a luxurious activity one postpones until they rsquo re free from other.

This process is known as product backlog refinement even the items higher up the list can also be revised anytime when circumstances change during the product life cycle who does product backlog refinement the scrum team takes responsibility for product backlog refinement under the leadership of the product owner.

Backlog refinement isn rsquo t a luxury task reserved for when you get a chance to tidy up refinement is a key part of product backlog management that ensures a backlog always has the most recent up to date information refining the backlog prepares it for the development team saving time in the long run.

The backlog refinement meeting the purpose of the backlog refinement meeting is to decompose the highest priority items in the product backlog into user stories which are suitable for inclusion in the next sprint the backlog refinement meeting or backlog management meeting or backlog grooming session usually takes place towards the end of.

Backlog refinement seeks to improve understanding of work items in the product backlog some of which may not be worked on right away it is important to keep in mind that the focus of backlog.

Product backlog refinement also referred to as product backlog grooming is a method for keeping the backlog updated clean and orderly it is a basic process in scrum pbr is a collaborative discussion process which starts at the end of one sprint to confirm whether the backlog is ready for the next sprint.

As a member of the extended product management team the po is heavily involved in program backlog refinement and prep for program increment pi planning and also plays a significant role in the planning event itself.

Also to balance long term product health and value delivery the percentage allocation to each type can be adjusted over time typically at pi boundaries figure 2 team backlog capacity allocation backlog refinement the team backlog must always contain some stories that are ready for implementation without significant risk or surprise.

A meeting to refine the backlog should occur separate from the sprint planning meeting use this meeting to complete these activities right size backlog items by splitting larger items into smaller items no backlog item should be larger than it will take to complete in a single sprint identify and fill in gaps in the product backlog.

Product backlog refinement grooming mais terme a exclure affinage du backlog en equipe product backlog management gestion du backlog cela inclus le refinement mais egalement le travail du po dans son coin egalement la roadmap.