My ecg report shows borderline ecg sinus tachycardia and probable left artial enlargement echo ef 67 e a of mv flow 1 70 e e 6 30 mild mitral regurgitation mild tricuspid regurgitation tr pg 13mmhg aortic sclerosis mild aortic regurgitation 24hrs holter ndash max 169 average 89 min 56 the basic rhytm was sinus.

Hi i am michael from the small island of barbados i had an echocardiogram done which revealed small left ventricle with abnormal septal motion possibly secondary to right bundle branch block diffusely mild thickened prolasping trivially incompetent mitral valve and small left atrium prolasping mildly incompetent tricuspid valve and borderline dilated right atrium.

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Practice answering select all that apply sata questions for your nclex included in this free nursing test bank are 100 questions that are all multiple response types covering different topics in nursing also in this article are tips on how to answer sata questions.

Definitions microvascular complications of diabetes are those long term complications that affect small blood vessels these typically include retinopathy nephropathy and neuropathy retinopathy is divided into two main categories nonproliferative retinopathy and proliferative retinopathy nonproliferative retinopathy is the development of microaneurysms.