Major requirements the psychology major consists of a minimum of 41 units nine of these units are lower division courses and the remaining 32 units must be upper division to be counted toward the major each course must be completed with a grade of c or better check the university catalog for prerequisite requirements almost all courses.

Psychology faculty and students at uc davis generally explore the areas of perception cognition neuroscience psychobiology social psychology personality human development and quantitative psychology the main objective of all of our undergraduate programs is a broad introduction to the scope of contemporary psychology the bachelor of.

Psychology is a skills based major that can prepare students for graduate level programs in psychology education law medicine and business it is a widely customizable major and is applicable.

Introduction to psychology showcases the diversity of the science of psychology in a large lecture format 400 students and incorporates experience with research 200 level courses 200 300 students build skills in psychology 300 level courses 100 300 students increase knowledge in specific areas of psychology e g abnormal social cognitive.

Recommended prerequisite psy 121 and psy 331 and 3 additional hours of psychology study of cognitive development in children and adolescents topics to be included perception memory visual imagery problem solving language development cognitive style social learning theory information processing theory and piagets theory.

The major is a part of the department of psychology an academic unit within the college of health and behavioral studies declaring the major new freshmen and transfer students students should declare the psychology major when they register for orientation currently enrolled major changers current students wishing to declare or change a major or.

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