Use self service sign up to get an individual power bi license follow these steps to sign up for a power bi service account once you complete this process you will have a power bi free license which you can use to try the power bi service on your own using my workspace consume content from a power bi workspace assigned to a power bi.

I could sign in to my microsoft personal account associated with my work email address but i could not get to the work or school account i could not sign up for power bi account because of this i have tried to contact the power bi desktop feedback group but the conversation has not gone anywhere yet.

Note information listed here is good as of 2 18 2015 and is subject to change if you are an admin for an office 365 tenant you may not want users to be able to sign up for the power bi service without you knowing about it this could be for users that.

If instead you select office 365 e3 youll be able to sign up for power bi as a free user and upgrade to premium per user for a 60 day trial for more information about premium per user ppu see power bi premium per user enter your email address microsoft will let you know if that email address will work with microsoft 365 or if youll.

Q a for power bi visuals reports containing report level dax measures single sign on data query models secure confidential or proprietary information the automatic authentication capability provided with the embed option doesnt work with the power bi javascript api for the power bi javascript api use the user owns data approach to embedding.