An accounting is also required when the trust is terminated such as when the trustee wishes to close the estate and bring a petition for final distribution of the estates assets to its beneficiaries as well as whenever theres been a change in trustee california probate accounting format.

Communication must be limited to the content of probate notes tuesday december 21 2021 department 22 8 30 a m pr 21 000160 estate of john wesley horton hearing on waiver of accounting and petition for final distribution notes have been cured recommend approval of petition recommend discharge review hearing 06 02 2022.

Also if you fail to file the final accounting in a timely manner a beneficiary can file a petition or complaint for an accounting complete and accurate probate accounting is essential for avoiding challenges by beneficiaries and for obtaining a final discharge of your responsibility as the estates personal representative.

Probate court is part of the judicial system handling wills estates conservatorships and guardianships read our guide on how probate court works.

Note that recent changes in probate law make some forms obsolete check with your county court for updated forms please note that this guide is meant merely as a tool to assist your research and the library may not.

The executor has a fiduciary duty to the estate and must account for all expenses as well as managing estate assets the final accounting to the probate court must include estate checking account statements invoices receipts financial statements gains or losses on sale of assets bills of sale and other items applicable to the particular estate.

Probate is a legal process that administers the distribution of a deceased persons assets during probate the court will determine whether the will is valid and appoint an executor the executor is responsible for locating assets paying.

Packet 12 petition for temporary guardianship or conservatorship probate guard and or cons adult probate informal probate probate formal probate form 21 first conservators accounting form 22 annual conservators accounting form 23 final conservators accounting.

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Yes the probate lawyer representing the personal representative and the personal representative can be paid for working on the homestead property however receiving such fees requires some extra steps by either filing and perfecting 733 608 lien or by petitioning for fees for extraordinary services.

Inquire what non probate assets the heirs received non probate assets such as life insurance burial policies certificates of deposit jointly held bank accounts or investment accounts that are payable on death and do not go through probate these non probate assets provide immediate cash at death to pay expenses debts and final income taxes.

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The application for probate need to be made with the help of a lawyer or an advocate to the high court under whose jurisdiction the property might fall although a lower court may be empowered to supply a probate for immovable properties of a small value a probate from a higher court is required for high value immovable assets.