Restoring the Read Mail option on Internet Explorer 7; Web Browser Pop-up Configuration; Modem Bandwidth Usage; Speed Test; Network Status; Multi-Dwelling Unit Service; Email & Communication. How to Setup Your Email. Email software with IMAP; Smartphone with IMAP; Email software with POP3; Email software with SMTP; Change your email settings to ... Check Email. Check your PTD email. Login to your email. News & Contests. Read the latest press releases and catch up with featured articles. Read our news. Local News. We have compiled a list of news resources by county within our service area to help you keep up with your local news. Select a county. I want to offer a login guide for Penn Tele Data Webmail Log In Wonderful! You just need to send the guide or contribution for Penn Tele Data Webmail Log In to our email provided at Contact Us, we will view and consider it thoroughly before showing it on our site. PenTeleData Community Wi-Fi provides high-speed wireless Hot Spot Internet access to any user with a Wi-Fi enabled laptop computer. Community Wi-Fi is FREE to all Powered by PenTeleData Broadband customers and is available in locations across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. E-Mail Usage, Report Problem, Change Password and Email Subscriptions. PenTeledata webmail. To find out more visit PenTeleData offers 24 x 7 assistance plus guaranteed response and repair times for commercial customers with contracted specialized support. Call us toll free at 877-478-3622, then select option 2 or email us. If you are already signed up, simply login with your email username and password (use the email you created upon registration). The following information will provide you with the software settings needed to configure/setup your email software to access your PenTeleData email via IMAP. It is strongly recommended to access your email either by My PenTeleData Webmail or configuring your email client to access your email using an IMAP connection. Use of POP3 may result in ... An email box is inactive if it has not been checked in 6 months, does not have an email forward associated with it and is not the primary login for a dial-up account. If you intend to keep a mailbox active you may do so by retrieving email from … PenTeledata webmail. To find out more visit 540 Delaware Avenue PO Box 197 Palmerton, PA 18071 Tele: 1.800.281.3564 Fax: 610.824.4435 Email Us