A self lubricating hydrogel filament was achieved by establishing an in situ photocuring system and using camphorquinone diphenyl iodonium hexafluorophosphate cq dpi as the blue light photoinitiators acrylamide am and n n dimethylacrylamide dmaa as the monomers polyethylene glycol diacrylate pegda as the cross linker and lecithin as.

Machleidt t et al nanobret mdash a novel bret platform for the analysis of protein ndash protein interactions acs chem biol 10 1797 ndash 1804.

Details our state of the art equipment allows for a range of analyses and discovery a meticulously designed optical detection platform and pulsed field power enable unprecedented sensitivity detecting nucleic acids into the lower femtogram range covers access to benchtop equipment and all consumables required for protein extraction.

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The potent therapeutic effect of as fn resulted in a much prolonged survival time all of the as fn group mice were alive on day 50 whereas all of the mice for the other three treatment groups.

However presently all key details of the scanned data are manually entered into a spreadsheet based tool known as the pier reconnaissance assessment tool prat for facility repair planning and detailed repair instructions this manual data entry is a laborious human in the loop bottleneck and is an opportunity for significant pdr improvement.