Log back into the account using the website and try to perform the friend request through it open the origin app and log back in to see if it fixed the issue 6 clear the cache storing too much data into the origin app could cause certain issues and even stop the app from working properly in order to clear the origin cache follow these steps.

Origin shield refers to parent nodes that are strategically located across the globe these nodes communicate with origin servers and reduce the traffic load on origin for every request that goes to origin shield there are 2 log entries one for.

Header set access control allow origin https app getmanagly com update apache config to dynamically mirror the port of the requesting origin this gets ugly because you can rsquo t add multiple domains in access control allow origin so you have to dynamically set the header to match the requesting origin.

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World history.

Presdient barack obama used the saying last month to ram obamacare through congress against the wishes of most americans now since we took this issue on a year ago there have been plenty of folks in washington who rsquo ve said that the politics is just too hard.