Yes the battles as good as won adding a module to the kernel is a lot easier than it sounds to double check that its available you can run find against the modules directory tree specify type f to tell linux youre looking for a file and then add the string ath9k along with a glob asterisk to include all filenames that start with your.

You need to load kernel first to load the kernel forward with the following commands insmod linux linux vmlinuz root dev sda2 initrd initrd img boot change dev sda2 with your root partition change gpt2 with msdos if you dont have a guid partition table to correctly set your boot parameters see ubuntu documentation search and set.

Lxr was initially targeted at the linux source code but has proved usable for a wide range of software projects lxr linux no is currently running an experimental fork of the lxr software browse the code these are the browsable source code repositores at lxr linux no linux 2 6 11 and later linux 2 5 0 2 6 11.

Like the kernel itself modules can take parameters that customize their behavior though the default parameters work well in most cases user space tools can list the modules currently loaded into a running kernel query all available modules for available parameters and module specific information and load or unload remove modules dynamically into or from a.

Run mkinitcpio h for help on a given hook base is required unless you know precisely what you are doing udev is required in order to automatically load modules filesystems is required unless you specify your fs modules in modules examples this setup specifies all modules in the modules setting above.

Systemd starting monitoring of lvm2 mirrors snapshots etc using dmeventd or progress polling systemd starting load kernel module configfs systemd starting load kernel module drm systemd starting load kernel module fuse.

We can cryptographically sign a message or a binary file like a kernel or a module according to the above when we sign some code and install it to be loaded at boot time like a kernel or a module the efi need to have available the public key to check the signatures this defines the need of enrolling public keys in the efi.