Lxr was initially targeted at the linux source code but has proved usable for a wide range of software projects lxr linux no is currently running an experimental fork of the lxr software browse the code these are the browsable source code repositores at lxr linux no linux 2 6 11 and later linux 2 5 0 2 6 11.

Updated system kernel 5 15 8 installed dkms linux headers downloaded nvidia dkms 495 44 6 from ala and installed rebooted added nvidia dkms to pacman conf ignorepkg for now it is ok so as i understand whenever new kernel will be installed dkms will rebuild nvidia dkms 495 44 6 for new linux kernel lets say for 5 16 or 5 17.

Linux 5 4 was released on 24 november 2019 summary this release includes the kernel lockdown mode intended to strengthen the boundary between uid 0 and the kernel virtio fs a high performance virtio driver which allows a virtualized guest to mount a directory that has been exported on the host fs verity for detecting file tampering like dm verity but works on.

Ii module abi versions x org ansi c emulation 0 4 x org video driver 25 2 x org xinput driver 24 4 x org server extension 10 0 using vt number 1 ii systemd logind logind integration requires keeptty and keeptty was not provided disabling logind integration.

Kernel kexec load disabled 1 kexec is a system call that is used to boot another kernel during runtime this functionality can be abused to load a malicious kernel and gain arbitrary code execution in kernel mode so this sysctl disables it kernel sysrq 4.

Starting with ubuntu 18 04 the thunderbolt tools package has been available in universe to provide a server oriented tool for using the linux kernels thunderbolt authorization support kernel lockdown starting with ubuntu 20 04 the linux kernels lockdown mode is enabled in integrity mode.

The linux kernel gained a boot option that controls the mitigations for recently discovered cpu vulnerabilities the installer now allows setting the mitigations level directly during the installation of the system independently of whether the system is being installed manually or via autoyast.