Only reading full article gives you the complete guide on how to add user to group in linux i am using ubuntu 20 04 operating system but this operation will be the same on other linux you can perform this task on centos rhel etc.

Use the useradd command to add a user sudo useradd ndash g new group user name you can also use the usermod command to add a user to a group sudo usermod ndash a ndash g group name user name the usermod command uses the ndash append and ndash group options to append the user to a particular group without using ndash append the user could be dropped from.

Find out which groups a user belongs to in linux there are many ways to list the groups that a linux user is a member of the most commonly used method is by using groups command method 1 groups command the groups command displays the current group names and the users belongs to those groups in linux and unix like operating systems.

This tutorial explains how to add a new printer setup printer options and manage printers on linux environment using lpadmin command examples 1 adding a new printer to add a new network printer with the name ldquo hplaserjetp3015 rdquo use the lpadmin command with p option as shown below.

Groups linuxconfig adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin lxd sambashare alternatively specify the name of the user whose groups you wish to view in the command below we view the groups for a user account called admin groups admin admin admin httpd mysql next let rsquo s remove user account admin from group httpd by executing the following.

The user mackeys primary group is mackey this is user is also associated with a bunch of other groups adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev sambashare lpadmin note that adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev sambashare and lpadmin are all default secondary groups assigned to a user in ubuntu 12 04 precise pangolin change primary group of user.

Groups command is used to show all the groups a user belongs to like this groups tecmint tecmint tecmint adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare 3 finger command finger command is used to search information about a user on linux it doesn rsquo t come per installed on many linux systems to install it on your system run this command on the.

To list all the groups a user belongs add the username to the groups command example groups richard this should output same as above output richard richard adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare list user groups using the id command one can also use the id command to list groups information about specified user.

H ow do i change user name rename user name or uid under a linux operating system using command line tools how do i change or rename username in linux you need to use the usermod command to change user name under a linux operating systems this command modifies the system account files to reflect the changes that are specified on the.

Etc group file ndash user group file members command ndash list members of a group lid command or libuser lid on newer linux distros ndash list user rsquo s groups or group rsquo s users there are two types of groups in linux primary group ndash is the main group that is associated with user account each user is a member of exactly one primary group.

You may need to replace lpadmin with the name of the group your admin users are members of please note that you also need to set appropriate unix permissions to the drivers directory for these users to have write rights in it write list root lpadmin a sample share for sharing your cd rom with others.

2 change the user and group ownership to change the user and group ownership of a file you can specify the group with the user name separated by a column like this sudo chown user name group name file name of course you can use uid and gid instead of user name and group name respectively.

But you may also see this if you created a new user but you forgot to add it to the sudo group or if another user from your system removed the username from the sudo group you can check if the currently logged in user belongs to.

In a previous post we covered the history and rules behind capabilities in this post well go through some examples of how linux capabilities work and can be used and the tooling available we will also take a look at why capabilities are important when working with containers.

Finally the name of the user to enable the full read write access will be you how to add a shared folder on the host vboxmanage sharedfolder add host name name vshare hostpath c var automount 1 install the guest additions prerequisites install the guest additions prerequisites by issuing the following command.

Groups show the group s to which a user belongs grpck lpadmin used to configure printer and class queues provided by cups common unix printing system add or remove modules from the.

Groups abhishek adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare docker if you check your groups and docker groups is not listed even after logging out you may have to restart ubuntu.