Brain metastasis from thymic epithelial tumors strengthening the evidence a call for action jose belda sanchis juan carlos trujillo reyes elisabeth martinez tellez.

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Stage classification provides a nomenclature about the anatomic extent of a cancer a consistent language provides the ability to communicate about a specific patient and about cohorts of patients in clinical studies this paper summarizes the eighth edition of lung cancer stage classification which is the worldwide standard as of january 1 2017.

Journal of thoracic oncology jto the official journal of the international association for the study of lung cancer is the primary educational and informational publication for topics relevant to the prevention detection diagnosis and treatment of all thoracic malignancies jto emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach and includes original research.

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In march 2021 the united states preventive services task force uspstf updated their lung cancer screening guidelines this marks the first change in the guidelines since screening with low dose ct was initially recommended by the uspstf in 2013 the new guidelines reduce the lower limit of the screening age from 55 to 50 years and the minimum.

Lurbinectedin was active as second line therapy for sclc in terms of overall response and had an acceptable and manageable safety profile lurbinectedin could represent a potential new treatment for patients with sclc who have few options especially in the event of a relapse and is being investigated in combination with doxorubicin as second line therapy in a.

Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death worldwide with an estimated 1 6 million deaths each year 1 approximately 85 of patients have a group of histological subtypes collectively.