Cloudformation is an amazon web services aws create a iam role for security management server the password hash input parameter that the user can provide in the template is only used for the gaia portal login r77 30 security gateways.

A combination of the iam passrole and glue createdevendpoint permissions enables a bad actor to create a new endpoint in the aws glue development portal and then pass a service role to that identity the bad actor can then ssh into the instance and use the command line interface within aws having the same privileges as the role assigned to it.

The iam takes onboarding to another level by working on the network to network relationships and letting an organization rsquo s partners join in while still letting them handle their users and login accounts ndash in fact they can offer them a cloud iam service when they have none in.

Lets first look in the portal to see what was created and then address the last bits of security for the authors controller in the aws cloud to access the authors data in the database examining what got created in the cloud if you refresh the aws lambda node in the aws explorer you should see your new function app listed.