Cheetahs mostly hunt small animals but they also hunt bigger animals when in the group their retractable grip knocks down the prey and then suffocates it to save their food from scavengers they make sure to finish it quickly lions leopards and jackals also take away their hunt interestingly cheetahs drink water once in 3 5 days.

Right cheetahs have solid spots they have retractable claws which allow them to be the superb climbers that they are they are extremely good swimmers too leopards are the shortest of the big cats although they are strong and bulky strong enough to pull their prey up trees in order to protect their meal.

They have protractible able to be extended and retractable able to be pulled in claws in their normal relaxed position the claws are sheathed with the skin and fur around the paws toe pads cats may extend their claws in hunting or self defense climbing kneading or for extra traction on soft surfaces.

Canids are characterized by their elongated snouts upright ears and non retractable claws in addition like other canids wolves walk on four toes without their heels touching the ground on their front feet they have a vestigial fifth toe that is reduced and does not reach the ground.

These fast cats have short canines and their hunting technique is strangling their preys to death more than that their claws are not retractable which allows cheetahs to bring down a thomson rsquo s gazelle faster than a lion could cheetahs are visual hunters and they are diurnal so they hunt early in the morning and late afternoon.

Though many felines have long that rsquo s because the felines have retractable claws something pooches and coyotes both lack 25 bobcats are part of the same cat subfamily as cheetahs.

Cougars are powerfully built with large paws retractable claws and sharp carnivorous teeth the hind legs are more muscular than the forelegs which enables them to jump up to 18 feet 5 4 meters from a tree or 20 feet 6 meters down a mountain.

Other studies have placed more blame on humans based on the false perception that cheetahs dont have retractable claws and claw respectively the zoo said.

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