Spell slots you determine your available spell slots by adding together all your levels in the bard cleric druid sorcerer and wizard classes half your levels in the paladin and ranger classes and a third of your fighter or rogue levels if you have the features note that warlock is not listed.

As your spell slot levels improve you can summon more powerful demons which keeps the spell useful for a long time it may wane in effectiveness a few levels after you max out at 5th level spell slots but if you can find a demon with good utility options summon greater demon may remain viable long past the end of its usefulness in combat.

At higher levels it will be less appealing due to the concentration requirement but it will always remain a solid use of a 1st level spell compare heroism to cure wounds cure wounds will heal at most 11 hp 1d8 cha with a 3 charisma modifier.

This is a filler spell that can be great if you catch a group of enemies close together cause fear at low levels this spell is a great way to inflict the frightened condition on a strong enemy false life wizards often struggle with taking hits so some temporary hit points could keep you in the fight.

What is exhaustion in dnd 5e i like to think of exhaustion as the long term effects of adventuring without rest or characters attempting to push beyond their limits mechanically exhaustion is a condition such as blinded paralyzed or poisoned but it is unique in the aspect that it has multiple levels the levels of exhaustion range from 1 6.

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