Dna what can we learn from the attack on parliament in 2001 13 december is the date of the biggest attack on indian democracy in the year 2001 the indian parliament was attacked by 5 terrorists of lashkar e taiba and jaish e mohammed more than 100 people including mps and ministers were present in parliament at the time of the attack.

Dna studies help unravel evolutionary history of rhinoceros dna studies help unravel evolutionary history of rhinoceros the three major clades of the rhinocerotinae family diverged 17 14 million years ago an lsquo epoch rsquo in geologic history when the climate was 3 4 degrees celsius warmer than it is today.

Dna state bank of pakistan releases countrys debt data the state bank of pakistan has released the debt data till september 2021 according to statistics at present pakistan has a debt of more than 50 lakh crores and during the era of imran khan the countrys debt has increased by 70 percent.

The dna discussion project mdash started in 2006 mdash provides people with dna test kits to learn about their own past ldquo for the last 10 years we rsquo ve been doing a larger project called the dna project rdquo said anita foeman the lead investigator.

Pune dec 12 2021 globe newswire global medical emergency kits market outlook 2021 2026 future scope size and growth insights our updated report on ldquo medical emergency kits market.