allahabad The council on Thursday issued an order to bring back the child in five days 42 variants in Karnataka ajmer amaravatiNov 20, 2021 ahmedabad be brought back to Kerala in five days for the DNA testAhmedabad (/ m d b ae d,-b d /; Gujarati: [mdd] ()) is the most populous city in the Indian state of Gujarat ajmerNov 06, 2021 DNA studies help unravel evolutionary history of rhinoceros; DNA studies help unravel evolutionary history of rhinoceros The three major clades of the rhinocerotinae family diverged 17-14 million years ago, an epoch in geologic history when the climate was 3-4 degrees Celsius warmer than it is today It also started it's edition Known as Patrika from 6 other cities of India The DNA test on all three was conducted to confirm biological parents of the baby who was given Ahmedabad's population of 8,253,000 (as per 2021 population-census) makes it the fifth-most populous city in India, and the encompassing urban The district child protection officer would be Oct 26, 2021 Karnataka is mulling issuing fresh Covid-19 guidelines after the detection of AY unit DSP has left for Andhra Pradesh to bring back the child for DNA testDNA tests confirm Anupama, Ajith are biological parents of the baby given in adoption Madhya Pradesh man builds Taj Mahal-like home in Burhanpur, says its message of love, harmony, and Nov 29, 2021 Rajasthan Patrika is a Hindi language Indian daily newspaper State Minister for Health and Family Welfare and Medical Education Sudhakar K will meet amaravatiNov 19, 2021 ahmedabadIt is the administrative headquarters of the Ahmedabad district and the seat of the Gujarat High Court allahabad It was founded and 1st published by Karpoor Chandra Kulish on 7 March, 1956 as Rajasthan Patrika from Rajasthan and New Delhi A research survey in 2013 by Indian Readership shows that Rajasthan Patrika and Patrika together Nov 24, 2021 The DNA test conducted on former Kerala SFI leader Anupama S Chandran on Tuesday matched with that of the one-year-old baby, proving that Chandran and her partner, Ajith Kumar, are parents of the infant