The custom doll baby company creates handmade portrait dolls that are 18 inch tall dolls and look like your child parents can choose from seven expressions three complexions and practically unlimited hairstyles to create a doll that looks like your child the size makes the dolls accessories compatible with the popular american girl dolls.

Dolls were often re costumed some time ago as outfits are fragile and silk in the back of the female doll is often melted market report generally dolls in such a battered condition are not desirable but it is hard to find early wooden dolls in any condition these dolls in mint condition would be worth many thousands of dollars.

Make baby doll clothes for american girl bitty baby welliewishers and more with these free sewing patterns from dresses to diapers jackets to jammies these tiny fashions keep dollies looking cute buying clothes for dolls can get expensive but if you have a little sewing experience its not too difficult to make them.

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This crochet doll blanket is designed to cover an 18 doll including the american girl dolls this is a simple crochet blanket pattern that uses v stitches for detail if youve never worked with crochet v stitch before then this blanket provides a great opportunity for practice if its a stitch that you love youll find this to be a.