All you need is a length of 3 in diameter pvc pipe and a foam swimming pool noodle for this diy garage storage system drill 1 in holes spaced every 4 in in the pvc pipe use a utility knife to cut slits in the foam noodle spacing them 4 in apart line up the pool noodle on the wall so that at least two of the slits sit over studs.

Towel bars typically come in three lengths ndash 18 prime 24 prime and 30 prime an 18 prime towel bar is great for small spaces and fits a single standard bath towel folded in half while a 24 prime towel bar fits a single oversized bath towel folded in half if you have the space a 30 prime towel bar is great for holding two standard bath towels folded in thirds.

There are diy coastal decorations for your living room bedroom bathroom dining room porch and much more i live in florida so i am able to find many of the supplies for these diy projects like shells sand and wood for free however if you don rsquo t live near the beach then you can still find these items at dollar tree and craft stores.

The good news theres an easy fix if you happen to have an old pool noodle lying around you can cut it in half and attach it to the garage wall making sure to line it up with the height of your door handle that way if you accidentally open the door too far it will hit the soft noodle instead of the hard wall.

The shutters have been turned into the perfect kitchen organizer hooks installed at the top allow kitchen utensils to hang down knives are arranged on a diagonal a mounted towel rack hung baskets and multiple hooks provide the rest of the necessary storage space the diagonal splash of yellow on top adds sunshiney flavor to the white.

The medium sized towel warmer is an exceptional option if you rsquo re looking for a towel warmer cabinet that holds more than six large sized towels but doesn rsquo t need as much as a 46 towel capacity depending on your preference this towel warmer cabinet can either keep your towels dry and warm or moist and steamy at 160 deg f.

Towel rack with shelves ndash can be used indoors or outdoors but i especially love it next to our pool get the free plans at buildsomething com pin this post to pinterest easy project ideas for kids rooms.

24 of the best ideas for christmas village display platforms diy cheerfully issue a christmas welcoming to all who enter your residence with this diy upholstered holiday banner swap out the letters to conveniently craft more banners for birthdays thanksgiving halloween easter or any kind of other celebration worth commemorating.

The garage although small is almost always treated as a storage area for basically everything that we don rsquo t want to keep in the house this is often associated with a rather chaotic and practically nonexistent storage system which ultimately results in a huge mess but it doesn rsquo t have to be this way.

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Create an instant diy paper towel dispenser in your shop with two c clamps position and clamp them a rolls width apart in a convenient spot hold up the roll and push in the handles to hold it buy slick looking c clamps and install them in the kitchen then fib to visitors about your chic designer hardware.

When the weather is warm and pleasant there is nothing more satisfying than eating a meal outside with these outdoor kitchen ideas you can both prepare and enjoy your food under the warm sun or glittering stars you will find designs for every style from shabby chic to rustic to outdoorsy glam.

9 best sewing projects and uses for minky plush fabric minky plush fabric is one of the most versatile and useful fabrics around not only is minky super soft durable and available in a wide range of colors and patterns but it can be used in ways you might not expect.

The judges were quick to embrace the wide spaces that had been enclosed by the pool surround fencing view mitch and marks backyard and pool space and shop all the stunning outdoor furniture and styling items here tanya vito score 22 frac12.

63 install hooks for towels if you don rsquo t have enough room for all your towels on your towel racks mounting hooks is fast and easy and will provide you with the additional space you need 64 you can also attach towel racks or hooks to the back of your bathroom door 65 replace your shower caddy with overhead storage.

64 diy accordion marble rack found from drawn to diy boring accordion racks can get a totally different look if you decorate them with some marble contact paper from your dollar store this will make your entryway feel a little more luxurious without spending too much return to table of contents 65 succulent planters found from.

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