Flip the denominator to find its inverse by definition dividing one number by another is the same as multiplying the first number by the inverse of the second now that we have obtained a complex fraction with a single fraction in both the numerator and the denominator we can use this property of division to simplify our complex fraction.

To convert repeating decimals to fractions start by writing an equation where x equals your original number for example x 0 4444 then multiply both sides of the equation by 10 1 since there rsquo s just 1 repeating digit in your original number to get 10x 4 4444.

Factors and multiples.

Quiz dividing and multiplying fractions by whole numbers ready to test your knowledge of how to multiply fractions with whole numbers in this section are ten questions for each youll be multiplying fractions by whole numbers or dividing fractions by whole numbers give them a try then check your answers with the key below 1 5 x 4 3.