A robo advisor is a diversified investment account that is automatically managed by a computer algorithm as opposed to a human money manager to an investor how robo advisors work is actually quite simple you choose a goal and how much to invest.

A diversified portfolio is a collection of investments in various assets that seeks to earn the highest plausible return while reducing likely risks a typical diversified portfolio has a mixture of stocks fixed income and commodities diversification works because these assets react differently to the same economic event.

The term robo advisor sounds really high tech but it rsquo s actually much simpler than you might think a robo advisor is a financial advisor that uses an investment program an algorithm to.

Located in north san diego county capstone advisors is a diversified real estate investment development and asset management company recognized for the ability to blend the vision drive and flexibility of an entrepreneurial company with the sophisticated management capabilities valued by institutional real estate investors.

Paul zemsky is chief investment officer and founder of the multi asset strategies and solutions team mass at voya investment management he is responsible for voya rsquo s suite of value added customized and off the shelf products and solutions supported by the team rsquo s asset allocation manager research quantitative research portfolio implementation and multi manager capabilities.

Diversification is an investing strategy used to manage risk rather than concentrate money in a single company industry sector or asset class investors diversify their investments across a.

Diversified carry basket a forex trading strategy in which multiple carry trades are conducted simultaneously in order to limit risk a diversified carry basket uses diversification to reduce.