Some displayport connections will also work with dvi and hdmi with an adapter but not all native resolution all modern televisions.

Displayport addresses that with a similar system to dvi and vga though far less intrusive for the longest time displayport was a superior alternative to hdmi 2 0 but then hdmi 2 1 debuted and changed everything.

Dvi digital visual interface is the oldest of these standards first appearing in 1999 but it rsquo s still present on enough monitors that it rsquo s sometimes included even on new laptops and desktop graphics cards today dvi rsquo s older technology gives it more limitations than either hdmi or displayport.

Dvi digital visual interface is an older type of video connection while it is not obsolete just yet it is on its way there like displayport dvi only supports video and not audio dvi is also bulkier does not support 4k like hdmi or displayport and is a bit more complicated as there are different versions of it.

Although dvi is still a common connection it rsquo s becoming dated so if you want to output a very high resolution you rsquo ll need to use hdmi or displayport instead on the plus side dvi d.

Dvi i and dvi d can come in single or dual link varieties single link can support 1920x1200 at 60hz while adding a second digital transmitter for dual link means the resolution can be increased to 2560x1600 at 60hz to prevent forced obsolescence of vga devices dvi was developed to support analog connections using the dvi a mode.

When you convert video from a source that uses displayport or mini displayport to dvi or hdmi ex a computer to a monitor consider the difference between passive and active adapters if the source supports dual mode displayport also known as dp then you can use a passive adapter because the source can perform the conversion.

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Displayport to hdmi adapter not working a displayport adapter is generally plug play this goes for most adapters but if you have an adapter that converts a displayport into several different port types e g hdmi vga dvi etc you may need to.